Bohemian BellyDance



In Fusion Belly Dance the sensual movements rooted in oriental dances are combined with elements of other dance styles in a way that honours the traditions and origins of each of them. This requires a level of knowledge of the techniques, expressions, history and cultural context of these styles. Beside studying several belly dance styles, the members of Ophidia have also studied many other dance styles with prestigious teachers, and both keep and develope their skills continuously.


Tribal Fusion is one of the best known styles of Fusion Belly Dance and all members of Ophidia have many years of experience under their belts. Mesmerizingly soft and slinky moves and fast and sharp accents, as well as unexpected and complex combinations of both, are typical attributes of this dance style. The group improvisational style Datura Style™ is based in Tribal Fusion.

Offer your guests an unforgettable experience and book the alluring Ophidia for your event! The versatile program can be customized to fit your event’s theme, space and budget. The lineup includes solos, duets and group performances, and some of the acts can include props such as swords, veils and finger cymbals. The price is determined by the length and contents of the program, the number of performers (2-5) and the location of your event, among others.

Picture: Asko Jonathan Photography
Picture: Marko Vähä-Erkkilä


Ophidia Nocturnia

Length of the set: 15 tai 30 min

Experience a dark realm of witches and sirens full of gothic glamour. Let yourself be enchanted by Medusa and embraced by the nymphs of the lake. This show will allure you and create an atmosphere of magic and mystery. The performance can also include a sword act.

Ophidia Bohemia

Langth of the set: 15 tai 30 min

Step inside a fantasy market from the distant lands of old fairytales, and be bedazzled by a troupe of vagabond dancers, dripping in ornate fabrics and jewelry and putting on a wicked show with swords and fingercymbals. Colourful, happy presentation of the artform known as Tribal Bellydance.

Ophidia Absurdia and much more coming in the near future!


We are continuously developing our repertoire! New themed sets are added here as we ready them, but feel free to contact us if you have something specific in your mind!