Bohemian BellyDance

The driver and main choreographer of this professional dance ensemble is Laura Luna, who has a solid background in Tribal Fusion belly dance, Datura™-style and oriental belly dance. All five members of the group share an extensive experience in dance, and have been performing for several years both solo and in different ensembles. The current ensemble has been performing together since 2015, first as part of Laura Luna's student group Kaira Tribe and since 2018 as an established professional group.

Ophidia is a fusion belly dance group from Helsinki, that takes the audience along in a journey to visions of gloomy cabarets, enchanted twilight gardens and forgotten mythical realms. The group’s main background is in Tribal Fusion, where the sensual and silky movements of belly dance are combined with sharp accents and unexpected enticing tastes of other dance styles. In Ophidia’s performances these elements come together to build an elegant bohemian dance spectacle, that offers the audience an unforgettable moment in a hidden alternate reality.


Picture: Asko Jonathan Photography
Picture: Asko Jonathan Photography
Picture: Oona Elena Kassila


Laura enrolled in her first oriental dance class in autumn of 2001 and nine years later she found Rachel Brice and Tribal Fusion in Youtube, which inspired her to seek new dancing guidance from abroad. A passionate hobby turned into a job soon enough, when Laura was one of the first to start teaching the style in Finland. She has performed both as a solo artist and in groups, and has been teaching since 2011. From 2017 Laura is also a Datura Style™ teacher certified by Rachel Brice. She founded Kaira Tribe in 2012 and the professional dance group Ophidia is comprised of Kaira Tribe's long-standing dancers. The Arts Promotion Centre Taike conceded Laura Luna a 2-month artist-grant in the year 2020.

Besides oriental dance and Tribal Fusion Laura has also danced, among others, FCBD®-style (former ATS®), Indian Dances, Turkish Romani dances, Vogue, Popping and Swing dances. She is also a visual artist, jewellery designer and artisan, and the visual aesthetics of Kaira Tribe's costuming have received much positive feedback throughout the years. She is also an event organizer, with events such as Underground Cabaret, Café Bohemia and Tribal Summer Camp Finland under her belt. Besides her interest in dancing and art Laura is also a culture and history nerd. 

Laura Luna's style is a mélange of old school Tribal, modern influences and natural flow. Improvisation is a major part of the choreography creation process, and she often creates the dances on the spot on stage. In her choreographies Laura often addresses people's inner worlds, contradictions, hopes, fears and subconscious layers, and she also researches different archetypes and mythological characters. on the other hand, dance is sometimes "just" dance! Laura's favourite props are the alluring sword and cheery finger cymbals.


Ane is an international burlesque performer who has been performing in Finland since 2009, and throught Europe since 2010, with a couple of performances in New York City (USA). She fell in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance the moment she first saw it, and since 2011 she has been studying it with her teacher Laura Luna. She also jumps at the chance to take workshops with as many local and international teachers as she can, be it Tribal Fusion, Burlesque, or any other dance or performance related class.

She has performed with Laura Luna’s student troupe Kaira Tribe since 2012, and performed her first Tribal Fusion solo in 2013. In her hometown she was also part of the Basque Dance group Andra Mari Dantzari Taldea for many years. She also enjoys getting out of her comfort zone, and has thus also attended charleston, dancehall and twerk classes. As a burlesque performer she also uses a variety of props, being specially fond of big feather fans.

As a dancer and performer she heavily draws from turn-of-the-century aesthetics and loves elaborate and rich costuming, while easily being able to contact and interact with the audience. She’s been teaching burlesque both in Finland and abroad since 2013, and Tribal Fusion since 2018.

Picture: Jari Flinck
Picture: Marko Konttinen

Anni Dohlen

Anni Dohlen is a certified Integrated Dance Instructor who feels attracted to the dark side of dance. She teaches Tribal Fusion to metal music and is interested in the secrets of the cold dark North.

She has danced for over 15 years, gaining experience mainly in different belly dance styles. Tribal fusion stole her heart six years ago and there is no turning back. In addition to Belly Dance Anni has attended flow-arts, street-jazz and show-dance classes, and tried numerous dance styles in the form of short courses. At the moment she attends popping and commercial dance classes and is studying to become a Pilates instructor. 

Anni has danced with different groups along the way and taken part in international staging projects including Juniper Project (UK) in 2018. At the moment she performs with Ophidia Bohemian Belly Dance and the fusion bellydance group Nox Mente. She has studied with many international and national teachers to improve her technique and stage presence. Anni has studied with Laura Luna since 2014.


Minka found Tribal Fusion in 2011, fell in love with the style and has since been dancing both under Laura Luna’s guidance and in the workshops and short courses of many other teachers. She has been part of Laura Luna’s student troupe Kaira Tribe since its foundation. She has also danced in Oriental Hype and performed in two different burlesque troupes, The Shangri-La Showgirls and Shangrilettes. Besides that, she has also performed in two burlesque groups.

Minka loves trying new dance styles and throws herself into different projects. As a solo dancer she specially enjoys improvisation due to its momentariness and intensiveness. In her dance Minka wants to transmit the audience strong feelings and presence.

Picture: Maria Kimalle
Picture: Asko Jonathan Photography


Tiitta has been dancing Tribal Fusion belly dance under Laura Luna's guidance since 2012. In the same year she also began studying American Cabaret Belly Dance, through which she fell in love with dancing with different props, especially swords. This has lead to an interest in flow arts, which Tiitta is also currently learning. In 2017 she started studying Datura Style™ with Laura Luna. 

Over the years Tiitta has taken many belly dance -related workshops with different teachers. She has performed solo, with Laura Luna's student group Kaira Tribe and fusion bellydance troupes Nox Mente and Yilan Kabilesi in Finland, and abroad.

Tiitta has a solid dance base in ballet, and she's danced many other different kinds of dance styles. In addition this, Tiitta is a also a professional jewelry maker and milliner.